Halifax Powersport Motorcycle Show Volunteer Schedule

Ok everyone here is the shift schedule for the Powersport Motorcycle Show MARCH 3rd to 5th
JIMI, LYNN & MEL are setting up the booth for the trade show.

Jimi & Roland McCaffrey 12pm to 5pm
Jimi Swinamer & Brandie Lavoie 430pm to 9pm

Tracy Gauvreau and Tracy Lynn 9am to 2pm
Mel and Lynn Spencer Sparkes, Tammy Forbes 2pm to 8pm


Marlene Roach & Danny 10am to 5pm and Adrienne Laroche is going to help at 3pm to close up and help dismantle the booth
There will be an envelope at the ticket booth for Bikers Down Society each Board Member and Volunteer has to wear a name tag. When you go tk the wicket just tell the clerk your a vendor for Bikers’ Down Society and you would like your name tag and give your name, the clerk will give you your pass. There is no charge to any Board Member or Volunteer for this. To all our Volunteers, Thanks for agreeing to your shift. Please mark your calendars . If for some reason, you cannot make your shift please let Tracy Gauvreau or Marc Rapitta know ASAP, so e can try to get it covered. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!