Toadstock 2017 Update – August 10th

Gimmie T-O-A-D…whatya got.. Toadstock and whatya gonna do…
Just to allay all those niggling fears… we bikers won’t melt in a sun shower… right now the forecast has gone back and forth and they say rain but they never say how much or Probability in the forecast on the radio…
30% chance of 1 mm rain overnight… scattered rain showers in the area… of Wallace … so that’s 70% chance of sun and 100% chance of having a good time – we will be there!
Me and girls did the The Backroad Ball in New Brunswick in June (cold) and it poured the whole weekend and we had a F*()*#G blast… so please peeps, bikers hearts are made of sugar but their bodies aren’t.
This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we really count on you folks to support the work of the volunteers on the Board and the work of all those friends of the Society who come out every bbq, every ride and believe in the cause.
All I can promise you is a good time… regardless of the forecast that changes every other minute… we are in Nova Scotia after all. Who hasn’t headed out on a sunny ride and ended up in shower at some point.
We have had some amazing sponsorship from corporate sponsors come through as well.

You are never too old for an adventure. We found out on the scouting trip that there is a 94 year old man up the road about 20 minutes from Wallace who is still riding his Harley. Stop in to Patsy’s Diner along the #4 Highway through Wentworth valley for Lunch. The food is awesome and the folks are accommodating –


Blaze n Glaze
Blaze n Glaze BBQ Sauce