Oh Toadstock Was Still Fun

There are so many things to say about this past weekend, as we wind down and settle back in to our daily grind.
Firstly, the Board of Bikers Down Society would like to thank all the people who braved the rain and committed to Toadstock because we had to… we moved all that equipment, merchandise, bbq, freezers, food, etc… and the forecast was fine when we did so.
Special thanks to Mark and his crew of friends at East Wallace Motorcycle Campground who built us an entire shelter in 1 day, kept us happy with bonfires and clean bathrooms and hung out too.
To all the Clubs, supporters and independents who made it… thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Bay Boys, Diamond Devilz and their entourage, the Bikers Down Society from Cape Breton, Vicky Levy from Bikers Down Western. I know there were more clubs represented but I was so busy running around I didn’t get to write them all…. Maybe we should do tshirts “We survived Toadstock 2017 !!!
We had sucky weather and such a good time… and the weather cleared around 6:30 pm for some epic bike games as well.
We had a blast with Krazee Craig last night … some things cannot be posted on facebook but lets just say that Marlene had Lynn and Brandie initiated as full fledged Board members.
We will be posting a list of all the sponsors this week along with a final tally of what we were able to do with a small crowd as a result of the rain. Marlene gave an inspiring speech about why they started the Society in memory of Mike “Toad” Roach and we really need get back to the grass roots of it… not the commercial rallies that want $1200 bucks for a vendor table to sell tickets and $25 bucks a head to go look at bikes and buy stuff. Bikers Down is for you… the riders. Bay Boys stepped up and pledged to do a 50/50 for us right away and they are going to challenge other clubs as well.
Life happens and memories were made that will last a lifetime.