Assistance Statistics


We love and need our volunteers!

As we start a new riding season, we have already had an unfortunate accident with a young man passing away this week.  Since the fall of 2018, the members of the Board of Bikers Down Society have been working on preparing statistics and obtaining financial statements through our new accountant that we can put out for public viewing.

Some records in the early years were kept with Pam who was a founding member of the Board but after her passing, some of those documents were not available for counting.

Tracy, our Secretary,  has gone through all the applications we assisted from 2012 through 2018 and noted that during this period, we have helped 27 applicants with financial gifts depending on their circumstances to help them out after their accidents.  These funds came directly from the fundraising work of all of the riders and contributors who have supported us over the years.

With the assistance and direction of our new accountant, we have set up a system for tracking and reporting and we will convene a general meeting in the fall of 2019 inviting anyone who wishes to attend to an open discussion.

Thank you for your support as a community and sharing in the work that we are trying to do.  We welcome new volunteers and would love to have you attend any event we pull together.

It’s all volunteer hours that make this clock tick and the momentum we’ve built upon in the past couple of years is getting more people aware of motorcycle safety and the Society’s efforts to be here to help those who need assistance after an accident.