Testimonial from a Recent Application – Cyril

“Being a motorcyclist is something that typically only other motorcyclists understand. The rush of wind in your face, the sound of an engine starting or approaching and the feeling of riding the wind and being truly free. Bikers Down Society has given me a gift of something much more than brotherhood! They have shown to my family and friends that the Biker Community can extend to others. Now my wife understands just a little more that bikers look out for other bikers. 

My accident came at a time when I was about to start another line of work and find ways to better my newly married life. I was left 2 months without benefits from my own government, my insurance agency has been longer in processing the apparent Wage Loss Insurance and as I sit and try to heal stress keeps me down. Mistakes made with my diagnosis and treatment. I am working to ensure my treatment is taken care of and goes without further delay. 

I have also been subject to long wait periods and poor follow up with my medical system leaving me to need the time off work as being recuperating and mopping up. 

I have until this time only had bikers waves on the road and bikers conversations at coffee shops to keep me connected to the community.  Now I have the knowledge that bikers also watch out for their own and help with kindness of hearts. 

My accident has also given me a keen attention to other drivers on the road to a greater level and I am working through the PTSD aspect as any vehicle that crosses my path I shudder and tense up even in the passenger seat of a car. 

I was accelerating along a road within the peninsula and a vehicle cut way too close in front of me crossing my path, I attempted to avoid; for anyone who has been involved knows the sudden loss of control and slow/quick mix of feelings and sounds. Impact happened against the side of the vehicle and I was propelled to slide for 22 feet along the pavement with my shoulder and arm pinned underneath me. 

The saving grace was GEAR!!! ATGATT is what I have always known, but sometimes not practiced, from now on All-The-Gear-All-The-Time is my mantra as it saved my body and face and most of my skin! The injuries are ongoing internal but they will heal. 

I look forward to being on the back of a bike, my rare bike is no longer able to be ridden and I have spent time with my bike at the junk yard saying goodbye and look forward to being on the road again with my brothers and sisters on two wheels.” 



From the Brothers & Sisters who support and know the road you are travelling right now, thank you for your honest words.  As a Society this is what we do and why we exist… cause paperwork jams up reality and we just want to help.


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