Total Donations Received in Memory of Wade Hall

Thank you to everyone who was kind to honor Wade’s memory with a donation to Bikers Down.  We wanted to make sure everyone was aware we received a total of $765.00 in cash, cheques and paypal donations.  The above total included donations received when Neil Lenihan dropped by to visit with Jimi.  Donations in Wade’s Memory

With $100 from the Brotherhood of Bikers in Bridgewater included in the above total.

*** UPDATE ***  July 25, 2019 – We received a $200 donation from the Diamond Devilz this evening at our bbq and we received a $125.00 donation from Canadian Lonewolves Bikers In the Park 50/50 both in Memory of Wade bringing the total donations received to $ 1,090.00.  We are truly blessed to be a part of such community.

The heartfelt letter we received from Wade’s sister Teena, conversations we had with Neil and Jody, words of kindness from the community, an online donation from his co-worker Carolyn in Alberta – Wade was loved.

Something good has come from this terrible tragedy and we will continue to do what we do remembering we could not do any of this work without you.  Thank you to all our Brothers & Sisters on this side and those standing on the other side watching out for us along the ride.

ML&R from all of us.