Toadstock 2019 Prizes / Games / Fun – Aug 9 & 10, 2019

So much fun, we can’t wait to see everyone this weekend. #Toadstock #bikersdownsocietyns #motorcycles #novascotia

So, we packed the trailer, we gathered up the goods… We have a TON of amazing prizes for you guys this weekend. There will be door prizes, bike games prizes, trophies at the dance and prizes…

Lenehan Musgrave, Riding in Style, Freeman’s Pizza Party, Hemp Heaven, Motorcycle Tour Guide, Liberty CC, Bikers down swag, gift cards, I’m talking SWAG people.

Yep it’s $20 per person per day / overnight. This is charity at its finest for all of our Brothers & Sisters and even if you drop in, we have to pay expenses and come out on the other side so… you know you want to check it out. The Bikers Down crew from Cape Breton will be representing and arranged the trophies for the best buns / wet tshirt / dance shenanigans!

There will be a main gate to register and pay. We will have a Apple Pay set up for credit cards and hopefully the debit will cooperate too. The school is right in the middle of town and I know there’s got to be a bank machine handy.

We have so many fun surprises planned… the weather is looking great, maybe an afternoon shower but we’ll work around that if it comes around. Oh and we packed the guitars for Friday Night Jam!

Can’t wait to see all you beautiful souls this weekend. ML&R