Toadstock 2019 was a HUGE success!

We’d like to thank all of our corporate sponsors for helping us with cash and prize donations to make this event come together.

Before expenses, we brought in just under $10,000 this year.  This event was made possible by so many people and we’d like to thank all of you for the weekend we just blew through and blasted Toadstock.

Thank you to all the hard working Board members who threw it all together again, and found an amazing spot to party.

To all our volunteers who worked double shifts and smiled… Amy Mackay, Sally Swinamer, Andrea Williams, Linda Cook, Vicky Smith, Sandy Briand, Mike Lavoie, David Gauvreau, Melvin & Frank Marcelli, Ricki and Catherine, Bikers Down Crew from Cape Breton, the Bay Boys and the Bay Babes – Arlene Whiffen, Lorraine Janes and Joann MacLeod for running the poker hand table. 

Thank you to George “Mucker”, Roland “Swifty”, Shawn, Tonya all your crew for making the bike games come together.  Dale Richardson and the Bay Boys for the Loud Pipes contest.   All the clubs who came out and supported! And don’t forget Lady Godiva who recently had a make over and showed up on her bike.

And of course to our hosts Nick and his parents Leonard and Shelly who worked so hard to impress you with the location. River John Fire Department for the fireworks and the community for embracing our event.

Next year, we’re already planning.   Two nights / maybe a dj friday and a band on Saturday?

More photos and video to come of 2019!