Toadstock 2020

It’s been a long winter but we have been spending our time working out some new and exciting plans for this year’s memorial party.


The old River John high school has been undergoing some upgrades as well and Nick and his family have transformed the classrooms upstairs into 50 rentable sleeping areas for an additional cost to your entry fee for the weekend. The upstairs washrooms have been repaired and there are more shower facilities in working order.

Booking details to be finalized shortly and we will announce all the details and post them for you.

The roof has also been repaired and now we have the gymnasium to use for the dances being held Friday and Saturday nights. There will also be a cash bar on site as the owners have obtained a liquor license for events.

Friday night we are hosting the wedding of John and Virginia and they have hired Krazee Kraig Karaoke show for their reception entertainment. All welcome to attend, the bride and groom have asked their guests to pay the $20 per person admittance fee for friday as proceeds support Bikers Down Injured rider funds.

Pricing as follows:

Friday $20.00 per person, includes camping and all the festivities.

Saturday $20 per person, includes camping and all the festitivites.

So if you’re staying the 2 days $40 per person

Saturday night supper $10 per person (optional)

BBQ truck will be on site all weekend. You are welcome to bring your own food and amenities.

RV’s and vehicles allowed but no hook ups for electrical / dumping.

Send questions to or message us on Facebook.