Labour Day Volunteer Appreciation/BDS Info weekend at River John School Update

We are wanting to CLAIRFY as to just what the upcoming BDS Labour Day weekend camping is going to entail, as I’m having people contact me thinking Toadstock is being held now.

This coming weekend is NOT a ToadStock rally! Rather it is to show appreciation to past & present Volunteers and try to recruit new Volunteers. There will be no dance or entertainment as had at ToadStock. We are having this as we want to reconnect with our Volunteers, and hopefully get new Volunteers.

Also, we want to educate people on the history of BDS. How it got started, where we are now, & where we would like it to go. I, and the Board, just wanted to clarify, this IS NOT going to be a bike rally as in the past.

Sorry for the confusion! However, If you volunteered in the past and want to volunteer again, or if you have interest in becoming a new volunteer, we would like to see you become part of our volunteer family, so, please do come!

PANDEMIC GUIDELINES WILL BE FOLLOWED…please bring your masks, sanitizer, wipes and gloves. It is $50 a person to cover your camping and some meals. For Saturday night supper, please confirm whether you’d prefer Seafood meal or lasagna, by calling Tracy at 902 229 8834, by no later than 3pm Wednesday September 2nd!

If you have an instrument, do feel free to bring it along as there probably will be a campfire sing-a-long in the evenings. Thank you all!