Donations to BDS~NOW can be made through EMT

As you all know, due to the Pandemic, we have not been able to do much fundraising this year! We now have it arranged so that if any of our supporters wish to show support via donation, and if you do online banking, you can make any donations via EMT (Electronic Money Transfers). Our email is: , and your donation can be deposited into Bikers Down Society bank account.

If you wish to do this you, can just email or text Tracy with the secret answer to the question you set up. As we are a small business account with signees the auto deposit feature WILL NOT work, therefore, in order to have Tracy accept and deposit any donations, she will need to know the answer you to the question you set up.

You can reach her at the above email or text her at 902-229-8834. Thank you for all your support! We sincerely appreciate any support. BIKERS HELPING BIKERS!!!!