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Winners of the 50/50 Draw & the Leather Duster…

Donald McLeod of Dartmouth is our big winner for the 50/50 draw at the Motorcycle & Powersports Atlantic Show.  Congratulations on your prize of $ 1,620.00 !!

Also, we held a by donation draw for a leather duster coat donated by Riding in Style Leather – congratulations to Melvin Adams.

A big thank you to Vicki Geddes and the management team for the Motorsport & Powersport Atlantic Show for supporting Bikers Down and helping us with a booth and putting us in touch with the folks at Tap 50/50 for our lottery ticket machines this weekend.

Our Volunteers make the difference and we really appreciated everyone who was able to come out and help over the 3 days of the event.  We split the shifts up between Board Members and volunteer helpers.

Andrea Williams, Frank Marcelli, Melvin Adams, Linda Cook, Amy MacKay, Mick Arsenault, Vicky Smith and Sandy Arsenault-Briand. Thank you to everyone who supported Bikers Down Society at this weekend’s show.  ML&R

Motorcycle Powersports Atlantic Show This Weekend – Prizes to be Won!


We have a leather duster coat valued at $399.00 that you can win – just make a donation to Bikers Down Society and give us your email address.

This item is a size large and is quite lightweight for a leather.  The coat was donated by Sally Swinamer from Riding in Style Leather in Lower Sackville.  She said she will exchange it to another size with in reason – as they cannot get oversize versions of the coat.

Draw will take place at 4 pm Sunday at the same time as the 50/50 draw we are hosting all weekend with the Tap 50/50 electronic lotto ticket machines we were given the opportunity to use for fundraising.

Two Events this weekend March 1 – 3, 2019

Hi everyone, just a reminder there are two big events happening this weekend.
We have booth all weekend at the Motorcycle & Powersports Atlantic Show in Halifax at Exhibition Centre – 200 Prospect Road, Halifax NS. Show starts Friday and runs until 5 pm Sunday. We will be hosting a 50/50 all weekend with the winner being drawn at 4 pm on Sunday. Proceeds of draw go to supporting injured motorcyclists in Nova Scotia.
As well, on Saturday, a family arranged benefit event in support of Earl Surette who has been a long time volunteer and friend of Bikers Down Society. Please drop in an support Earl and his family during this difficult time of illness. Sackville Legion – 45 Sackville Cross Road from 7 – 11 pm.

2019 Testimonial – Assistance for Derek

Recently, Bikers Down was able to assist Derek with some much needed funds to get on with his rehabilitation and cover expenses.  His story is one of many injured motorcyclists in Nova Scotia in 2018.    If you know anyone who might need assistance, please encourage them to apply.  The fundraising has been tremendous for 2018 and we want to help.

This is Derek’s testimonial with the help of one of his close friends.  Derek was injured in a motorcycle collision with a car on Highway 107.

June 2018

“I have just checked in to my new home on 8.3 ward of the Halifax Infirmary having been discharged from the intensive care unit. I am starting to now put some things together! Something has gone down and by looking at all the new hardware I’m now sporting it looks like it was me. The surgeons came for a visit to let me know that I am in for another ride but not the one I used to enjoy on my Yamaha FZ1.This ride is a really expensive bed with lots of controls. ‘no pipes here that sound really sweet’.

I was actually blessed that day when everything went really bad really fast. My deepest gratitude is to all the people that gave their all to keep me alive. I was told later that three volunteer firefighters laid on the pavement with me for fifty minutes before I was transported from Jeddore to Halifax because they didn’t want me to die alone.

As soon as I was able to move much later in my recovery, I asked my caregivers on 8.3 to please, please get me some wheels. They did because they knew I wasn’t letting that one go. Now I was rolling again; with broken feet, leg, pelvis and neck. 

I loved my visits with my new neighbours especially the older patients. Since I can remember, seniors have always touched me in a very special way. I thank my mother for that. Once I was able to wheel around the floor I visited in the hall with one of my new friends. I heard about Biker’s Down from her daughter whose name escapes me. I feel bad that I can’t remember everything anymore but I have to let that go. I am hopeful it will get better one day.

I have been struggling since my release. My great friend Barry helped me with the Biker’s Down application. I mailed it off with hope. ‘I never give up on hope’. Tracy contacted me and we spoke on the phone. As she looked at the photos I posted to her she couldn’t believe I was still alive. She said ‘Jesus, I got to call Jimi and hung up the phone’. I laughed and thought to myself, I love Nova Scotia so much. We are real.

I am looking forward to meeting the people that make up and support this wonderful organization. And also to one day be part of all the amazing things you do for people that now have a new life different than what they have known before and are trying to make it the best it can possibly be. This is done with the love and support of friends, family and organizations like your own; past present and future.

Hopefully I will one day again be in the saddle. 

I will end on this note, ‘dress for the crash’, doing that likely saved my life!

Thank you all and God bless”

Feb.2019 – Derek

Toadstock 2019 Location Announced

River John is an unincorporated community in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is located near the mouth of the River John on the Northumberland Strait, halfway between Pictou and Tatamagouche near the boundary with Colchester County. Wikipedia


Location Attractions: