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Testimonial from Dwayne

Testimonial from recent  assistance recipient Dwayne.


“My name is Dwayne McCoul and I am from Truro Nova Scotia.  I was in a serious motorcycle accident on September 6, 2019 here in Truro.   A car pulled out in front of me and cut me off resulting in me having my left leg amputated.  I also had to have bowel surgery because of the accident and I was in hospital for seven weeks with no income or any kind of money coming in and bikers down helped me financially which I am very very grateful for.

Bikers down helped me tremendously.  I will be forever grateful for the help thank you very much

Testimonial from Sonny

This testimonial was submitted from a recent recipient of assistance from the funds you help raise.

“Thanks so much to the Bikers Down Society!

My name is Sonny, I am 24 and I learned about this group after getting hit by a car while riding, fracturing my leg, etc.   

That was the start of a very long summer.  After getting home from the hospital, the dishwasher failed on us, it’s hard standing to do dishes with a broken leg on one side and sprained ankle on the other!  Then my boyfriend’s car broke down (the only car we have) for the first time ever.  The oil tank in the house expired and we had to replace it. 

The money from my bike and gear that were destroyed went to bills and groceries, not to replacing my lost items.  Learning about the Bikers Down Society was like a light in the tunnel.  A way to help make ends meet.

Thank you Bikers Down for having the backs of riders like me. 

With much gratitude, 
Sonny Moors”

2019 Statistics Year to Date

JUNE 2019
3 Donations to injured bikers
1 donation to a memorial from Angel Fund
JULY 2019
No applicants
No applicants
1 donation to a memorial from Angel Fund
One application with donation to injured biker.
2 Donations to injured bikers
1 donation to a memorial from Angel Fund
Tracy Gauvreau, Secretary
Bikers’ Down Society

2020 Calendars are Ready!


It’s that time of year again to order your Calendars.

They will be $20.00 each on the Bikers Down Society website or Privateers Harley-Davidson, Hell Bound Custom Cycles, Kustom Creations and Lyle Street Tattoo Company.

You can get them through Ken Purcell direct at

Bikers Down will have them available at the Auction in November at Freeman’s and you can also order them through our paypal link under the donation page or message us on Facebook.  $20 per calendar and a few bucks more if we have to mail them.

Remember, all proceeds support Bikers Down Society so the more calendars we sell the more people we can help.

They make great stocking stuffers!

Matt Whitman’s Mayoral Candidacy Announcement October 30th @ 12PM Grand Parade

Matt Whitman, HRM Councillor will be announcing his bid for Mayor on  October 30th at Grand Parade Square @ 12 Noon, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Matt has asked us to join him in support as he has been a vocal supporter of our organization and a voice for motorcycle advocacy in HRM.

Pictured below with members of Bikers Down Society after an event in 2018 while Matt was recovering from his own bike accident.

2020 Event Dates

APRIL 25, 2020 ~ Annual Dance @ Monte’s Showbar & Grill (Saturday)
Weekly BBQ – JUNE 11, 2020 TO SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 (Thursday)
JUNE 28, 2020 – Angel Ride (Sunday)
AUGUST 7-9, 2020 – ToadStock (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)
AUGUST 16, 2020 – PTSD Ride (Sunday)
SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 – Destiny Ride (Sunday)
NOVEMBER 15, 2020 – AUCTION @ Freeman’s Little New York, Lwr Sackville

Recent Recipient Testimonial – Wayne Fisher


My name is Wayne Fisher and my Biker name is Undertaker in the biker world.  On August 14, 2019, I had a very bad bike crash on the Highway 103 near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

After that, I was placed in the hospital in Kentville and then to Halifax QEII where I lost the bottom part of my leg and foot.

Anyway, at that time I had no money coming in and my wife had to leave her job to be with me.  With no pay, she had to travel to Kentville and to Halifax as well from Bridgewater.  It took over a month before I had any money come in to help me, but Bikers Down was there to help me and I was very grateful for their support for helping me and my family out at a very bad time.

Once again, thank you very much for all your help Bikers Down Society.  Please help support the Bikers Down Society.

Wayne Fisher (Undertaker)


Assistance Statistics for August / September 2019

Just wanted to provide everyone with an update on our assistance stats for August and September.

We had no applications finalized in August.

We have assisted one person in September and we have two pending applications for assistance from accidents in the past couple of months.

If you know of anyone who requires assistance or could benefit from legal advice from our support counsel at Lenehan Musgrave, please put them in touch with us through the website or Facebook.