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New Testimonials

Bikers Down tries to support as many as we can, and with your help we can do so much. Here are our latest riders that we have been able to assist.

James Morse Testimonial

My name is James Morse and on Oct 2022 I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was out riding with some good friends when I lost control of my motorcycle.  I hit a guard rail and don’t remember much after that.  After getting out of the hospital with major wounds and needing 3 surgeries I was worried about how I was going to pay the bills and feed my family.  Thanks to Tracy and Bikers Down I am able to stop stressing.  There generous donation helped out a lot.  I will never forget this.  Thanks again Bikers Down.

Bruce Conrad Testimonial

Hi, my name is Bruce, on August 14, 2022 I was involved in a an accident.  It was a single vehicle one, the weather was overcast, and I was coming into a turn hit loose gravel and hit the shoulder of the road and ended up in the ditch.  Hospital overnight, 4 broken ribs and have been off work and going to physio for the passed 2-3 weeks.  My daughter helped me get in touch with Bikers Down, and they came through for me with some help to cover some of my costs.  I would like to say thank you very much for the help and being there for the biking community, it is a big help.

Thanks once again,

Bruce Conrad

July 22nd BBQ cancelled

Hi everyone, we are as unpredictable as the weather today, and we apologize for that. We love seeing all your faces and try to make our decision to cancel as late as possible. We thought we jumped the gun a little today, but it looks like this weather just doesn’t know what it’s going to do, so for the safety of all our supporters we are going to have to cancel for tonight.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week for food, music and fun. Thank you all for your continued support and keep your eye out for more announcements on our facebook page regarding upcoming events.


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