Greg’s Story

Well, here goes. On September 18th, 2001 I was coming home from the city and was about 3 miles from my home at 10.30 -11.00 pm. I had just enter into a s-curve and realize that the car that was coming was on my side of the road. It was looking like a head on collision but because of the ARC courses I had taken over the years had taught me not to freeze but to react to this kind of thing. I tried to counter-steer to avoid the head on collision, I thought I had but…. he still hit me. Boy, did things start to change then. I could feel the impact of the two vehicles coming together and it seem like forever before we came apart. Everything seem to slow down, really slow. Once apart the bike started to shake and I tried to gain control but could not. The bike went down and I realize that I had to get away from it. The bike and I both landed in the ditch and I had to climb up the bank back up to the highway. What a experience that was! Once up on the highway I had a hard time trying to get my helmet off because my left hand was in bad shape also my left side was hurting like hell. I finally got it off and could not believe my eyes.

There was no car or what ever hit me to be found..I started to stagger around and finally saw a set of lights coming at me. I started to wave at them to stop and sure enough it did. Talk about good luck, it turn out to be the RCMP in the car . Boy what luck. Someone was looking after me that night. He (RCMP) thought I was drunk because how I was falling around . Once out of the cruiser he realize that I had been hurt.. He could still hear my bike running in the ditch. I told him that I had been hit by someone and that they had taken off. I also said some other things that I will not print.. He (RCMP) saved my life that night, because of his actions, getting the ambulance and taking charge of things. I was rushed into the QEII trauma center and had to have surgery right away because my spleen had been ruptured badly and I was bleeding inside. I lost my spleen and also parts of my left hand and had my wrist bones scattered.

I spent 10 days in the hospital and had so many visitors come see me and a hell of a lot of the people were from the bike world. Boy what an experience this was. I had so much help from everyone. It help in my recovery..That accident happen in September 18, 2001 and in April 2002, I was back on the bike. I had to get a different one, mine was totaled. I believe that because of the different safety courses I have taken over the years and someone looking after me , that is why I am here still today. My thoughts of life are that, I fell off my bicycle when I was young and also fell off a horse and still got back on.. I was pushed off my motorcycle but still managed to get back up in the saddle again. This experience has taught me a lot about motorcycling and how quick your life can change.. I still enjoy our sport and , I hope I am a little wiser. I have since then gone across Canada on my bike and enjoy every bit of it.

Remember to always drive safely — but shit still happens to anyone. Keep the shiny side up. Have a great and safe summer!

Gregory A Gallant. GWRRA , Chapter ” A”

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