Testimonial – Jody Stokes, June 2019

I just wanted to thank everyone at Bikers Down for helping me so quickly. I was in an accident on June 18, 2019 on highway 103 by exit 5a. There were 4 of us and our lead rider and good friend struck a deer without warning and was killed. In my best efforts I tried to avoid the obstacles but could not and it resulted in me crashing. I suffered road rash to my entire left side, damage to my shoulder and knee as well as various soft tissue damage injuries. We all suffered mental trauma as well and I do feel that will be our biggest battle on the path to recovery.

I know we cannot change anything that happened that night but I do think our province can take steps to help lower the risks of deer related motorcycle fatalities in this province by cutting back tree lines from the side of the highways and putting in animal control fencing like we have in other provinces.

One thing about an accident is that our lives still continue and our bills still need to be paid. Bikers down with their kind donation to me will help pay some of my expenses while I am off work rehabbing. Thank you Bikers Down. You are a life safer and as soon as I can I will ensure that I attend your events and offer my continued support to this great cause.

Jody Stokes.

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