Application for Assistance


To be considered for assistance, you must meet all of the qualifications listed below:

  • Must have a valid Nova Scotia Motorcycle license (5A)
  • Must not have been provided with assistance by Bikers Down Society within the last twelve months
  • Must provide police or accident report if applicable
  • Must submit application within 6 (six)**months of accident
  • Please download and complete our application form –
  • Application for Assistance 2022

Completed applications should be emailed to: 

**Applications received after 6 months will be considered with discretion in extenuating circumstances. 

The Bikers Down Society does not condone driving under the influence nor does it condone operating a motorcycle in a reckless or unsafe manner. The Society reserves the right to refuse assistance if a collision was the result of intoxication or recklessness.


Bikers Down Society is 100% run by volunteers who want to help their fellow riders.

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