Top 15 Safety Tips

  1. Good training is better than good luck. Take a class and/or practice your skills. Don’t depend on being lucky to survive.
  2. Don’t drink and ride. Even one drink can affect your riding ability.
  3. Don’t do drugs and ride. Even some prescription drugs can impair your riding ability.
  4. Don’t ride when fatigued. Fatigue can be just as dangerous when riding as alcohol and drugs.
  5. Wear all of your protective gear. When you fall, you will be glad you had it on.
  6. Maintain your motorcycle. Breakdowns can be costly and dangerous.
  7. Get a bike that you can handle and fits you. Start small and work your way up in size as your skill and riding ability improve.
  8. Practice your skills whenever you can. Find a vacant lot and work on your skills so they are second nature.
  9. Learn to ride on all types of roads and conditions. It will rain sometime in your riding career so be prepared for it. Gravel, sand, rain, grooved concrete, and blacktop all are different.
  10. Ride at your own skill and comfort level. Don’t take challenges or be pushed by others to ride above your level. That includes your husband! And your friends!
  11. Don’t challenge anything with more wheels than you. Bigger always wins.
  12. Always leave yourself an out. Try to anticipate what could happen and be prepared for your escape.
  13. Don’t be afraid to slow down when you are in doubt. It is better to go slow than go down.
  14. When approaching an intersection look left, right, left. Remember the vehicle coming from your left will hit you first.
  15. Be Visible, see and be seen. There is no such thing as a safe intersection, don’t take them for granted.

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